TASS Vineyards and Winery is owned by Ron Mosley. Ron has been primarily a vineyard manager, taking care of over 80 small vineyards in the Santa Clara Valley. He is just beginning to make wine commercially and with the great selection of grapes under his care to choose from has yet to consider specializing.

Ron’s wine career started in In 1983, when he was hired to develop Cinnabar Vineyards and Winery from the ground up. he cleared 35 acres, planted vines, assisted in the design, construction of the winery and wine caves. Managed the estate, vines and winery. Also was involved in the wine making, marketing, tastings and events, thus his passion for wine making was born.

In 1992 Ron created Vinescape a firm that designs, installs and maintain vineyards. Additionally, Vineyard conducts site assessment and consulting. Ron also provides Instruction on winery design, wine making and wine. He offers educational classes in vineyard